A while ago we had posted a recipe on how to make Onigiri with Easy Onigiri Push Press, which was flavoured with canned tuna and mayo. Today, we are going to show you how to make 3 different kinds of onigiri, two using furikake seasoning, as well as a Korean version with spicy tuna, called Chamchi Samgak Jumeokbap

Recipe by Crystal Michael 


Easy 45 m 3 serving


*You can also make onigiri traditionally by hand, using cling film.


Prep 25 m Cook 20 m
  1. Wash the sushi rice thoroughly and then cook it in a pot or rice cooker. Follow the recipe on how to cook sticky rice in a pot HERE) While the rice is cooking we can start preparing our tuna mixture. Drain the can of tuna and break the meat down into a bowl using a fork or spoon. Then add the Gochujang and Japanese mayonnaise and mix well. Set aside to use later.

  2. As soon as your rice is cooked, transfer it in a bowl and lightly seasoning it with some salt. Fold the rice and mix gently with a rice spatula.

  3. Once the rice has cooled down, place a generous amount into the Easy Onigiri - Push mould. Put on the cover and press firmly. When you open the mould you should now have a perfect rice triangle!

  4. Cut a strip of nori seaweed and then cut it again in half to create two short strips. The nori seaweed will help us hold the onigiri without having rice sticking onto our hands. Place the nori seaweed at the centre of one of the flat ends of the triangle and hold it as shown in the images below.

    On a small plate, pour a bit of the Seto Fumi Furikake Rice Seasoning and start pressing into it the two sides of the triangle without the seaweed, thus fully coating the onigiri sides with colour and texture! We chose to use the Seto Fumi Furikake for this because of its beautiful vibrant yellow colour of the egg!

    Repeat the same process to make one more onigiri with this flavour.

  5.  Take a small bowl and place half of your remaining rice in, adding in about 10g of the Salmon Furikake Rice Seasoning this time. Mix well and place a generous amount of the rice mixture into your mould as before and press to make 2 onigiri triangles.

  6. Next, cut two long strips of nori seaweed and lightly stick them onto the sides of the triangles like a frame, as shown below. Our Salmon Furikake Onigiri is done!

  7. Time for our third onigiri, the Korean Chamchi Samgak Jumeokbap! For this one, lightly season your mould with sesame oil and fill it halfway with the leftover plain sushi rice. Then create a small hole in the middle which you will then fill with one tablespoon of the spicy tuna mixture we created earlier. Top it again with rice generously, put the cover on top and press firmly. Repeat to make a second rice triangle with this filling.

  8. Place your spicy tuna rice triangles on a clean plate and prepare the onigiri wrap sheets by opening them up and placing inside them half of a whole nori seaweed sheet. Make sure it is aligned in the centre with the coarse side of the nori facing the plain side of the wrapper, while the shiny side is facing the kawaii print.

  9. We will be placing our onigiri on the top most centre of the coarse side of the nori as shown below. Next, start folding the wrapper's top corners into the centre of the onigiri, tucking in the lower ends to make sure that it is going to be wrapped nice and tight.

  10. Next, fold the onigiri down into the rest of the nori and start folding in the remaining outer lower corners of the wrapper.

  11. Once all the wrapper ends have been folded and it all looks tidy in a triangle shape, use one of the wrapper stickers to glue down the ends. Repeat for the second Chamchi Samgak Jumeokbapp. 

  12. Your Onigiri Three Ways are now complete! Don't they look really cute? ^_^

  13. Lastly, let's learn how to properly unwrap and eat the onigiri! There is a red ribbon in the centre of the wrapper, find the end of it and pull it down all around the onigiri. 

  14. The upper corners of the wrapper will pop up as shown in the images below and you have to gently try and remove each side of the wrapper.

  15. Fold the outer sides of the nori that have popped up once more to make the triangle shape. Note that you will have to hold them in place while you are eating the onigiri. Enjoy!