It is true that kimchi may be a little bit time consuming to make (you can follow our Easy Kimchi Recipe here), but there are so many easy and quick recipes you can make with it afterwards! We have already posted our recipe for Kimchi Pancakes (Follow recipe here) and today we will show you an even easier recipe - Kimchi Fried Rice, also known as Kimchi-bokkeumbap!

For Korean people, this recipe is something they can do with leftover cooked rice and with as few ingredients they have in their fridge already. In our recipe, we will show you how to make plain Kimchi Fried Rice, but other common ingredients to add to this dish include mixing in shredded seaweed, chopped green onion and sesame seeds, topping it with a fried egg, or stir frying with cooked spam or bacon. You can create your own combination of ingredients and use whatever toppings you like!

So keep on reading to find out how to make this delicious and easy recipe!

Recipe by: Crystal Michael


Easy 20 m 2 serving

Any other toppings you wish to add!


Prep 10 m Cook 10 m
  1. Firstly, if you haven't already, cook your rice and leave it to cool down for about 10 mins before using, and also chop up your kimchi. 

  2. Put 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil in a tall pan or wok and heat it up. If you want to add any spam or bacon to your kimchi fried rice, you should start by stir-frying that until thoroughly cooked. We are not going to use any for this recipe so we will go right ahead and stir-fry our chopped kimchi lightly for about a minute on high heat! 

  3. Now turn down the heat to medium and add the pre-cooked rice and stir lightly. Add the kimchi juice, water and gochujang and stir well, until the rice is evenly coated with the sauce. The water helps our spicy sauce adhere to every single rice grain and also prevents the rice at the bottom from burning and sticking to the pan. 

  4. Remove from the heat. At this point, you will want to add your other toppings if using any (such as chopped green onion, shredded seaweed sesame seeds), but we will simply use 1 tablespoon of sesame oil for its flavour and aroma! Now the rice should appear a little bit shiny and it won't be as sticky. It's ready to serve! 



Kimchi fried rice with seaweed and raw egg


Kimchi with chopped green onion, sesame seeds and topped with a fried egg