Did you know you can easily make your favourite sushi at home? We have a very tasty recipe for you to try, with crunchy tempura shrimp and refreshing Japanese mayo! This recipe is perfect for sushi newcomers as well, that might still be a little cautious about trying raw fish!

Recipe by: Crystal Michael & Irene Andreou


Average 45 m 3 serving

Special Tools:

Bamboo rolling mat


Prep 20 m Cook 25 m
  1. Cook the short-grain rice in a rice cooker or pot, then season it while still hot to absorb the vinegar mixture. Follow this recipe HERE to learn how to cook and season rice for sushi.
  2. While your rice is cooling down, you can prepare the Ebi Tempura. Pour the vegetable oil in a deep pan - enough to cover the prawns completely and wait for it to heat up. You can check the oil's temperature with chopsticks or by throwing a small breadcrumb in. If you see small bubbles around the chopsticks then that means that it's ready for deep frying. Place the prawns in the hot oil and deep fry until golden brown. Make sure not to overcook them as their texture will toughen and they won't be as tasty!

  3. Take a sheet of nori dried seaweed and place it on your bamboo rolling mat, the coarse side of the nori facing up. With a plastic spatula, place some cooked rice over the nori sheet and carefully spread it across, until an even layer of rice covers all but a thin 1/4-inch border at the top edge. Place a few sparse grains of rice across the top edge of the nori, to will help the end adhere to the rest of the nori when you form the roll.

    Note that your rice will need to have fully cooled down before placing it on the nori, otherwise the nori will shrivel and wilt!

  4. Start laying your filling ingredients horizontally across the bed of rice, as shown in the images below. Make sure you don't add too much of each filling, you don't want your maki to be too fat or it will break! Place two tempura ebi, 1-2 layers of cucumber strips and drizzle some Japanese mayonnaise for more flavour! 

  5. Next, add a strip of the masago orange next to your other toppings - this will add more texture to your filling as well as another colour! Maki always looks more attractive and appetising with colourful fillings!

  6. Carefully pick up the lower edge of the bamboo mat and roll the nori inwards, so that the end of the nori is wrapped closely around your filling ingredients. Keep rolling until you reach the top edge of the nori. 

  7. Take a sharp chef knife that will glide easily through the roll, without applying too much pressure. Make sure that the sealed edge of your nori is facing down on the plate or cutting board, so as to not risk the roll bursting open while you are cutting it.

  8. Your Ebi Tempura Roll is ready!

  9. You can serve it as is, or with an additional drizzle of Japanese mayonnaise and some sesame seeds!