Ever wanted to experience the flavours of Korean BBQ without having to use up too much time and ingredients? If yes, then this ready-made bulgogi marinade is just perfect for you! We used beef as our meat for this quick recipe, but you can also use chicken or mushrooms as a vegetarian alternative.

Recipe by: Crystal Michael


Easy 75 m 6 serving


Prep 60 m Cook 15 m
  1. Cut the beef fillet in thin slices. The beef for bulgogi is often cut when semi-frozen so that the pieces come out extremely thin (around 3mm thick). Then put it in an airtight container and pour over the bulgogi marinade! Add a few sesame seeds to taste!

  2. CJ's Korean BBQ bulgogi marinade contains pear and apple puree that help create a naturally sweet and fruity flavour and also tenderise the meat. Place the airtight container in the fridge and leave the meat in the marinade for around 40 mins.

  3. Until your meat marinades, prepare your fluffy rice using this recipe.
  4. After the necessary time has passed, take out the meat from the fridge and heat up your grill or skillet! Since the meat is marinated, you don't need to use any oil, it will cook in its own juices.

  5. Our beef is cut very thinly and therefore it will cook fast, so be careful not to overcook it, especially if you prefer it medium. Normally at a high temperature, the beef slices would need 20 secs on one side and 20 on the other if you want the meat to be cooked medium well.

  6. Korean BBQ with lettuce (or other leaf vegetable) wraps is called ssambap. "Ssam" stands for "wrapped" and "bap" means rice! This name describes the action of taking a lettuce leaf and putting rice in it as well as other fillings, then folding it to create a small pocket packed full of flavour! Usually ssambap wraps are bite-sized to prevent the fillings from falling out.
  7. So let's try it! Put a teaspoon of rice and a piece of the cooked meat in the centre of the lettuce leaf and -if you like a stronger flavour- add a touch of seasoned soybean paste (ssamjang) according to your taste.

    P.S.: Seasoned soybean paste is rather savoury, so if you want it to be a little bit sweeter, you can mix in a bit of honey.
  8. Others ingredients you can add to your ssambap include cucumber pickles, kimchi, vegetables, spring onion and more.
  9. Make sure to try this easy recipe with a glass of cold Soju!